Worcester Cathedral

Last year we met up with my mother and grandmother in Worcester to visit the town and cathedral. It was a somewhat grey day, but the interior of the cathedral was still lovely.

Worcester Fog
The cathedral and gardens lurking in the mist.
Memorial Window
A nice memorial window to a Canon overlooking the central garden.
Some excellent faces adorning the top of this column.
Swan Tomb
A lovely swan headrest on this tomb.
The crossing and organ pipes.
Altar Rear
The rear of the altar screen is ornately decorated with gold.
Crossing 2
Following some interior buttresses from the transept into the crossing.
High Altar
The high altar and rear window.
Ceiling Boss
Ornate ceiling boss and painted ceiling.
An angelic musician grooving on the ceiling.
Lady Chapel
Extremely ornate chapel at the top of the quire.
Rear Window
Lovely stained glass in the rear windows.
Yellow flowers in the mist.


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