Buenos Aires Film Pictures

Back in April of this year, my team did a meetup in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rather than taking a digital camera with me (due to my already massive backlog of photos to process and post) all I took was my phone, and my tiny Olympus 35RC film rangefinder with a roll of Ilford FP4+. Most […]

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Gaming in 2018

As usual, here’s my year-end recap of what I played this year. Notably missing are mobile games; while I spent a lot of time on these, it’s hard to say which were this year and which were earlier! While I’ve always played a lot of turn-based, puzzle, or other slow paced games, halfway through the […]

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What I did on leave: Coding

I recently spent several months on paternity leave, and took the opportunity to do a coding project that I’d been wanting to write for a while. This was both a chance to use some free-ish time to take care of this project, as well as a way to keep my coding skills up while on […]

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Pyre: Best Supergiant Yet

This week I finished playing through Pyre, the latest game from developer Supergiant. I’ve only ever enjoyed their games, and Pyre was certainly no exception. The usual lush art style, this time a more Ghibli/stained-glass/arts-and-crafts version, is on full display, and Darren Korb provides another wonderful soundtrack with help from singer Ashley Barrett. But there […]

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Last year while we lived in London, a friend of ours was in an opera production in Bergen, Norway. Since we might never otherwise go there, we decided to take a long weekend to see the show they were in, plus visit Bergen and some fjords. We got a bit of rain on the fjord […]

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My Gaming in 2017

Like I did last year, I thought I’d write an overview of what I played and liked this past year. Mass Effect Most of last year was taken up with playing through the entire original Mass Effect trilogy. I had played ME1 when it originally released, but then lacked a system to play the next […]

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Hawaii Meetup

Last January, I had the good luck to leave cold gray England for a week-long meetup with my team in Hawaii. The weather was great, and we found some spectacular beaches, canyons, and sunsets.

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With WCUS Nashville coming up, it’s time to publish a few pictures from WCUS Philadelphia last year. Only a few here, but there were some lovely cloud patterns the day I was out to take most of these.

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