Gaming in 2018

As usual, here’s my year-end recap of what I played this year. Notably missing are mobile games; while I spent a lot of time on these, it’s hard to say which were this year and which were earlier! While I’ve always played a lot of turn-based, puzzle, or other slow paced games, halfway through the […]

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Pyre: Best Supergiant Yet

This week I finished playing through Pyre, the latest game from developer Supergiant. I’ve only ever enjoyed their games, and Pyre was certainly no exception. The usual lush art style, this time a more Ghibli/stained-glass/arts-and-crafts version, is on full display, and Darren Korb provides another wonderful soundtrack with help from singer Ashley Barrett. But there […]

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My Gaming in 2017

Like I did last year, I thought I’d write an overview of what I played and liked this past year. Mass Effect Most of last year was taken up with playing through the entire original Mass Effect trilogy. I had played ME1 when it originally released, but then lacked a system to play the next […]

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My Gaming in 2016

2016 was a good year for gaming for me. I started making lists and making a real effort to work through my backlog before purchasing or starting new games, and as a result made a pretty good dent in things. Inspired by a friend’s post about games he liked in 2016 I thought I’d review […]

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Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC Thoughts

As a follow-on to my thoughts on Shadowrun, here are some thoughts on the next official campaign/engine in the list, Dragonfall. I played the Director’s Cut version, for reference. Here’s my ending character: As you can see, this time I played a human, rather than an elf, so I missed out a little on some […]

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Holiday Gaming Thoughts

Steam Link & Steam Controller I picked these two up for Christmas, and so far I’m very happy. The Link might work well over wireless for you, but it didn’t for me. The issue wasn’t just lag, but also the stream just dropping completely; it was essentially unplayable. I’ve since pulled some Cat 5e from […]

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Shadowrun Thoughts

I’ve been trying to finish some of my Steam backlog so I can feel less bad about picking up items off my wishlist. This was clearly prescient, as the Steam Halloween sale started today and I picked up two new games. The first Shadowrun was one of the games I wanted to finish, and last […]

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Ridiculous Ascension Ending

Setting the honor pool to the maximum of 120 can lead to some ridiculous results, especially with the smaller expansions. In this case, the culprit was 3 multi-unite effects working together that let me acquire everything left in the deck, and then defeat everything in the deck multiple times over. The last turn, where this […]

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Competitive Hearthstone: Too Much RNG, Finally? – YouTube

Many people have questioned the role of randomness (commonly called RNG) in Hearthstone. NoxiousGLHF, in the video above, feels that we’re getting dangerously close to having too many random cards that are viable competitively. He makes a distinction between cards like Mindgames, which are tons of fun but uncompetitive, cards like Flamecannon, which has controllable […]

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Legendary Tier Crafting Guide – Card Discussion – Hearthstone General – HearthPwn Forums – HearthPwn

Useful list if, like me, you have a lot of dust post-TGT. I crafted Ysera, although my ramp Druid is still losing a ton. Legendaries used in a variety of decks or are staple for competitive play. (The ones to craft) Source: Legendary Tier Crafting Guide – Card Discussion – Hearthstone General – HearthPwn Forums […]

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