Hawaii Meetup

Last January, I had the good luck to leave cold gray England for a week-long meetup with my team in Hawaii. The weather was great, and we found some spectacular beaches, canyons, and sunsets.

Western Sunset
Sunset the first night, off the western side of the island.
Sunset Sky
The scaly clouds made for an even better post-sunset.
Rolling In
A few surfers out in the rough waters as clouds gather.
A nice cliff overlooking some amazingly colored water.
Forest Speed
Taking a Jeep off-road through a forest.
Rocky Overlook
Once again, that water!
Beautiful blue water and orange rocks.
They are indeed closer than they appear.
iPhone Ad
My iPhone doing a timelapse of the sunset; I seem to have shot another iPhone ad!
Sunset View
Lovely pale colors as the sun descends behind us.
WP Hat
Lots of WordPress apparel present, of course.
Sun Rays
The last rays of the sun as it sets next to another island.
Chair and towels waiting while people play in the water.
Standing at the edge of the water as the sun sets.
As the sun sets, the day’s activities come to an end.

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