Last year while we lived in London, a friend of ours was in an opera production in Bergen, Norway. Since we might never otherwise go there, we decided to take a long weekend to see the show they were in, plus visit Bergen and some fjords. We got a bit of rain on the fjord tour, but still saw some amazing views; the day we took the funicular up the mountain behind Bergen had lovely weather though. This was also one of my earlier outings with a new 8mm fish-eye lens, and some the experimentation turned out quite well.

Bergen Street
Lovely yellow house on this small side street.
House Corner
Interesting corner design on this house.
Nifty anchor on the docks.
Moose Shop
A shop dedicated to moose things!
Church Tree
Nice flowering tree outside this old church (parts of it from the medieval city).
Central Pond
Nice pond and park in central Bergen.
Bergen Overlook
Overlooking most of Bergen, including the harbor and downtown.
Bergen Harbour
The main tourist area of Bergen.
Fish Market
Now somewhat touristy, but a cool building.
Cable Car
The way up the mountain.
Several companies offer helicopter tours of the area.
Fallen tree trunk.
Upper Town Square
A nice little square at the top of town.
Flags and fjords!
In The Mist
Still beautiful even in the misty weather.
The fjord tour included a side trip to this waterfall.
More Waterfalls
Lots of falling water at this location.
Fossli Hotel
I appreciated the old-school typography here, plus the hotel in the mist.
Casting Off
Getting ready to go back out on the fjord.
Farm Shack
An old farm shack by the waterside.
Suspension Bridge
A very cool (and long) suspension bridge in this fjord.
Clouds Parting
The sun breaks through across the fjord.

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