Whistler, Fall 2016

Following tradition I’m posting the pictures from our last company Grand Meetup very shortly before the next one! Included here are some shots from my Yashica D using a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 that a co-worker kindly brought for those of us that shoot more medium format and could put it to good use. […]

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Park City, Utah – 2015 GM

With the 2016 Automattic Grand Meetup (GM) coming up so soon, I thought it was time to publish my pictures from the 2015 GM. There’s a selection here from the night photography workshop we did, as well as the photo tour with a local photographer. Equipment-wise, the digital is from my Canon 30D, and mostly […]

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Detroit Film

Grab bag of Detroit images taken on black and white film with my Yashica D TLR. Some are from the same UrbEx tour as the previous posts, while a few others are from other random Detroit trips.

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