Niagara Falls

On the way back to Ann Arbor from a wedding in upstate New York, we stopped at Niagara Falls for some lunch and to see the falls. Despite the somewhat overcast day, they were still quite beautiful.

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Fire Garden

As part of the commemoration of the Great Fire of London, 350 years ago this year, there was an amazing fire garden in front of the Tate Modern this weekend. We went last night, and it was incredible. There’s also a projection on the dome of St Paul’s, and an unrelated but also great floating […]

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Day Out in London

I thought I’d show a collection from Instagram here, of a day out in London, in order to record them in a more permanent and ordered fashion. I’ve been experimenting with the Darkroom app for iOS now that VSCO got an iffy UI, and enjoying it. It’s got a better UI than Snapseed and seems […]

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Park City, Utah – 2015 GM

With the 2016 Automattic Grand Meetup (GM) coming up so soon, I thought it was time to publish my pictures from the 2015 GM. There’s a selection here from the night photography workshop we did, as well as the photo tour with a local photographer. Equipment-wise, the digital is from my Canon 30D, and mostly […]

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Oxford Botanic Gardens

I took my iPhone lens attachments to the Oxford Botanic Gardens and had some fun with macro flowers. It’s actually quite tricky; depth of field is tiny, and if there’s even a light breeze, getting the focus right is quite hard. Regardless, I got some nice shots. Edited with Snapseed on the iPhone.

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Detroit Film

Grab bag of Detroit images taken on black and white film with my Yashica D TLR. Some are from the same UrbEx tour as the previous posts, while a few others are from other random Detroit trips.

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Detroit UrbEx: Part 3

Part 3 of my photos from a Detroit Urban Exploration tour I took. This location was a maintenance building for Detroit Water & Waste trucks. It’s now unused, and has been taken over by graffiti artists, skateboarders, and the homeless. Some amazing artwork here too.

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Detroit UrbEx: Part 2

Part 2 of my photos from a Detroit Urban Exploration tour I took. This location was a much larger set of buildings that was most recently used by Chrysler as a research and testing office. Some great graffiti art and cool old logos are included.

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