Whistler 2017

Unlike last year, this year I’m actually getting the shots from the Grand Meetup posted shortly after the meetup; I even edited most of these at the meetup itself, but then I had to wait for my film to come back from the lab. This year I took my 70D with a 30mm lens, and my Holga 120WPC, which is a panoramic pinhole film camera that shoots 6×12 frames on 120 film (Kodak 160VC in this case). I was happy with the 120WPC, although I still need to take some tools to it to get rid of the parts of the lens/shutter assembly that block the corners. I did a fair amount of night shooting this year, to change up the same locations from last year. Overall I was very happy with the results; Whistler is a lovely place, but after two years there I’m also looking forward to wherever we end up going next year.

Lost Lake Night
The colors were not as prominent as this, but it makes for a lovely effect.
Whister was host to some Winter Olympics.
Magenta Bridge
This bridge near the village lights up different colors at night.
Blue Rocks
Playing with the lighting from the bridge on the rocks below with a long exposure.
Blue Water
More long exposure water fun combined with the blue lights.
Day Bridge
During the day, the same bridge and stream is still lovely.
Bridge Pinhole
Another view of the stream and bridge, this time with the pinhole.
Under The Bridge
Playing with the panoramic pinhole effect and some nice artwork.
Lost Lake Day
A lovely day at Lost Lake.
Lost Lake Beach
The location for the night shot during the daytime, complete with accidental head shadow.

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