Tea Party 2016

Most years my parents, my wife, and I throw a tea party some time around New Year’s, where we bake tons of sweet and savory things and invite lots and lots of friends around. I try and document the spread each year, and here’s this year’s, including a few new items.

Celery and Rolls
Nicely ombre celery.
Christmas Cake
A tasty staple every year.
Wonderfully sticky.
I think I take this shot every year.
This Swedish cardamom cake was new this year.
Intensely ginger.
Lingue di Suocera
These lemon cookies were amazingly popular this year.
Snow Brownie Drops
Amazingly chocolatey.
Chocolate Raspberry Thumbprints
Bite-sized chocolate and jam goodness.
The classics.
A new style this year, vanilla brown butter, which was quite good.
Another classic.
Nice homemade beer mustard.
Lovely white and brown rolls.
Pork Pie
We used an old-school pork pie tin this year, which was this cool shape.

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