Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC Thoughts

As a follow-on to my thoughts on Shadowrun, here are some thoughts on the next official campaign/engine in the list, Dragonfall. I played the Director’s Cut version, for reference. Here’s my ending character:

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.56.51 AM

As you can see, this time I played a human, rather than an elf, so I missed out a little on some of the metahuman interactions you can have (metahuman racism is a frequent topic in these games). Since Dragonfall adds sniper rifles to the Rifle category, I played as a charismatic sniper character, with some conjuring spells on the side (mostly haste, barrier spells, and other buffs). Since you get to customize your party members this time around (a huge plus from the previous game), I steered the NPC sniper/shotgun character towards shotguns instead (and didn’t bring her with me very much).

The UI upgrades in the engine are also amazingly welcome. Using special abilities and spells is no longer buried and clunky, making combat much more enjoyable. I also felt like the story, NPC, and writing in general was stronger, and the hub structure was also great. I skipped one set of side missions, since I decided my character didn’t like the group she’d have to work for. As mentioned above, having a permanent crew that you work with and get to upgrade yourself is also a huge plus over the faceless runners you hire in the previous game (you can still hire them here, but why would you?).

All in all, great improvement all around over the first game. I’ve got Hong Kong queued up in my Steam Library, plus two of the highly rated UGC campaigns for Dragonfall.

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